The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Handicapped speaker inspires, awes students

Erin Elfeldt

December 6, 2006

Matt Glowacki describes himself as possesing the ability to have the same quality of life as the average American. However, after hearing him talk last Tuesday in Alumni Hall, it's fair to say Glowacki's quality of life exceeds...

Alumnus talks about transition to life in work force

Erin Elfeldt

November 14, 2006

He is being paid to feed his addiction, and although he may not stay there for his entire professional life, working in the world of sports has always been his dream job and ESPN is certainly filling the void for now. This past...

Blood drive gets ‘phenomenal’ turnout, raises 315 pints

Erin Elfeldt

October 31, 2006

The American Red Cross is an organization whose success is largely dependent on the kindness of society. The Quinnipiac community aided the group by giving blood at a three-day blood drive held on campus last week. "Quinnipiac...

‘Fall’ing into a healthier you

Erin Elfeldt

October 16, 2006

One step at a time the Quinnipiac University Fitness Center is deciding to become actively involved in providing incentives for students who pledge to adopt healthier lifestyles during October's nationwide Health Awareness month. "We...

The positive effects of staying positive

Erin Elfeldt

October 9, 2006

Maintaining a positive attitude may be a healthy mantra but is it also healthful physically? Recent research in psychology says the answer is yes, and shows that the level of a person's overall happiness correlates both with a...

Student documents tragedy in South Africa

Erin Elfeldt

October 2, 2006

Many call it a place of overwhelming pain and suffering; some call it a place in need of charity; one calls it love at first sight. Jo Slovo, an overcrowded South African township, is described as rows upon rows of "houses" built...

Classes, studying and…changing diapers?

Erin Elfeldt

September 25, 2006

It was 18 months ago when 22-year-old Quinnipiac student, Kristin Romegialli's regular nights of staying out late and waking up at noon unexpectedly came to an end. Nine months ago her daily wake-up time, schedule and social life...

Birth order: Deciphering the differences in personality among siblings

Erin Elfeldt

September 25, 2006

Many say and feel birth order is correlated with how parents treat their children, but does birth order determine our lives beyond the treatment we receive from our parents? "It is certain that the groundwork for who we become...

So, you got the internship: now what?!

Erin Elfeldt

September 11, 2006

~The second in a series of articles designed to help you successfully complete the internship process~ So you've landed the internship of your dreams,, now what? the only thing more important than securing the internship is having...

How to get the dream internship

Erin Elfeldt

September 4, 2006

*The first part in a series of articles designed to help you successfully complete the internship process, from researching and applying to companies to getting letters of reference at the end of your tenure. As scary as it may...

Quick fixes are not effective energy boosters

Erin Elfeldt

April 25, 2006

The busy schedules college students typically have often leave them complaining of fatigue or an overall lack of energy. With the end of the semester and finals approaching, the work load is only going to make students feel that...

Feeling The Burn

Erin Elfeldt

April 11, 2006

Indoor tanning has become a popular trend on college campuses, especially after the sun tease spring break provided. Now with summer just a few month's away, many students are eager to keep that tan they achieved a few weeks ago,...