The Quinnipiac Chronicle

New honor society added to QU organizations

Christy Smallman

April 13, 2005

Looking around, one cannot help but notice how Quinnipiac continues to grow each year, both in student population and in academic opportunities. One of the newest organizations to spread its roots on campus is the communication...

Eastwood, Swank deliver knockout performances in ‘Million Dollar Baby’

Christy Smallman

February 23, 2005

Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood delivers a first round knockout with "Million Dollar Baby," in theaters now from Warner Brothers. At first glance, this movie seems to be another predictable drama about a girl's fight to achieve...

Price of beauty: Plastic surgery TV shows put viewers under the knife

Christy Smallman

November 17, 2004

You are sitting at a restaurant enjoying a night out on the town for dinner with family or perhaps just a few friends. You look toward the bar in search of a television to check the score of the baseball game that you assume would...