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Europe’s Franz Ferdinand hopes to mirror musical success in U.S. with debut release

Beau Miller

February 26, 2004

The year is 2001. A bottle of Vodka is sitting unguarded on the kitchen counter of a Glasgow, Scotland flat during a social gathering. A hand reaches for it, but just before Nicholas McCarthy can make away with it, the bottle's...

Four artists to watch in 2004

Beau Miller

January 29, 2004

Only four years into this century and popular music has already begun to distance itself from the last. The limelight has passed over boy bands and bubblegum pop, leaving the prettiest faces to launch solo careers and be featured...

History threatens to repeat itself

Beau Miller

December 4, 2003

An editorial written by Geoff Sawyer entitled "Still fighting unjust war was recently published in The Chronicle. No further specification on which unjust war was needed. In reading the article, we see the arguments made by critics...

Strokes, Kings of Leon unite for unique concert tour

Beau Miller

November 13, 2003

Last week, the Kings of Leon, four country rockers from Tennessee, and the Strokes, a scruffy-haired quintet from New York City, came together for a unique concert at the Paul E. Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Mass. Not since 1865...