The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Track teams compete at Snowflake

Ashley Jaffray

April 8, 2004

A group of friends enters the cafe, plop themselves down at a half cleaned table, and immediately, laughter fills the air as they tell jokes and throw pieces of their sandwiches at each other. They are all wearing the trademark...

Tennis off-season proves well worth it

Ashley Jaffray

March 25, 2004

At 6:30 in the morning, while many other students at Quinnipiac University were still enjoying their sleep, the men's and women's tennis teams were already pouring sweat, feeling their muscles ache and dying for water. They were...

Senior leads with a roar

Ashley Jaffray

February 12, 2004

Last year's female athlete of the year, Ashlee Kelly, is proving that she deserves the title of one of the most talented athletes at Quinnipiac. Staff and players have always seen Ashlee, a member of the women's basketball team,...