‘It wasn’t me’


Matthew Fortin

Everyone has their embarrassing moments. I know I have had my fair share – well, maybe more then my fair share. But I try to keep moving forward and just own them. This week I went around the student center asking bobcats what their most embarrassing moments is. Check out this spread to read about students who own their moments too. – M. Fortin


Giulia Fabrizio, freshman nursing major

“My whole life is an embarrassing moment.”


Joe Pham, junior sports medicine major

“Last year I was an (athletic trainer) for the hockey team. And I was on the other side filling the water bottles for the opposite team. And it was like Cornell game so the whole like stadium was filled. And I walked out of the other side’s bench, and the Zamboni went by. So then I literally walk and I slip and fall right in front of like the whole… and everyone started cheering. Everybody started going nuts. So that was not a fun time.”


*This one is anonymous, but too good not to include*

“So I woke up and was wearing the same clothes and I tried to remember something and I couldn’t and I was like what the fuck happened? And I tried to get my phone and I couldn’t see it. I was in a bunk bed in Commons and was like where the fuck is my phone? And (my friend) says ‘in your coat.’ I put my hand into the pocket and I get this huge thing of keys. One for a Mercedes… like 20 different keys. I was like ‘What the fuck is this?’ It looked like it was from a bouncer, like who’s going to have 10,000 keys? So we called Dick’s and we’re like ‘So by any chance is someone missing keys?’ And (the bartender) was like ‘Oh my God Roberto lost his keys last night.’ (When we got there) it was the bartender and a girl so I was like ‘Thank God he’s not here’ but suddenly I hear something and I turn back and I see Roberto coming! He came up to me and started shaking me (saying) ‘I’m going to kill you!’ He was like ‘I couldn’t go home last night. I couldn’t close the bar!’ I was like ‘Sorry, I don’t remember anything.’


Ernie G Santiago III, freshmen nursing major

“Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. So me and my sisters were in a group chat amongst ourselves and we were kind of like, what are we going to get her? And as I’m getting out of class, down near the hall, so someone says, ‘Hood morning.’ I say, ‘Good morning. Would you like a condom?’ Just out of nowhere. So I am thinking it would be an awesome joke just to get one of the female condoms and give it to my mom as a birthday gift.”


Sydney Iannarone, freshman health science major

“Junior year in high school we went to D.C. for a school trip. And we are on the way back and we took a bus so it was all my classmates on a bus. My stomach hurt really bad. So I had to use the bathroom and I had no option. My stomach hurt but I couldn’t go so my friend had to give me Pepto-Bismol. And then there was a bathroom on the bus. So I had to go on the bus. But as I was going to the bathroom the door flew open and there was a kid in the back of the bus that was a year younger than me but I’ve seen him since but it’s awkward when I see him because we made full eye contact and the door was wide open. Like I grabbed the door and grabbed it shut but it was wide open. We had a good moment.”


Elena Yvarira, sophomore international business major

“Okay so I’m from Spain. So I didn’t know what a syllabus was until my freshman year, November or something like that. So I went to class and they were like ‘homework’ and I was like ‘What homework?’ They were like ‘exam.’ And I was like ‘No, no idea.’ And I was like how do you see all this stuff and they were like a syllabus. And I was like what’s a syllabus? I know what a syllabus is now. I’m a sophomore so it’s not too late. And I passed all of my classes.”


Queenie Lai, sophomore marketing major

“Okay, so there was someone waving towards me but to the person behind me and I thought he was waving at me, so I waved back. And he high-fived the person behind me. It’s happened like three times this semester!”


Rachel Hickey, senior physical therapy major

“This is going to sound so bad. Because I don’t want to be rude to anyone who has children or anything, but with my experience with kids, I just don’t want any. And at this age, I’m only 21, having a kid wouldn’t be the greatest thing for me. So I was at a Halloween party and my friend and I were talking about like kids and what not for some reason, and one of his friends caught the last end of our conversation and just heard ‘baby,’ and turns to me and goes, ‘Oh do you have a kid?’ or whatever. And I just said ‘Oh my god no. I don’t want to fuck up my life.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, well I have a son.’ And I like lost it. And he’s younger than me, so I didn’t expect him to have a kid. So I was like ‘Oh god … I’m so sorry.’ And the whole night I was just stressing about it.”


Chloe Martinez, sophomore business major

“I was in the Bahamas on my senior trip. I was with my friends. And I was really, really drunk and I thought that this pepper spray bottle was my inhaler. So I squirted it in my mouth twice. Basically I cried for about two hours and I lost my voice for about four weeks. And I was just like sick. It was so bad. I don’t really remember the pain honestly because I was so drunk, and when I got out of my drunkenness I was like ‘Why can’t I feel my mouth.’”


Alexis Springer, junior behavioral neuroscience major

“I lost my virginity at fat camp. It was after fat camp prom, and so we were watching a movie, and we just decided to do it in his brother’s bed.”