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Can we guess which state you’re from?

Quinnipiac hosts a diverse group of students, some hailing from destinations afar. However, the majority of students come from the northeast– a small yet heterogeneous region filled with all kinds of subtle cultural differences. Take the quiz below to see if we can guess where you grew up.

You can have ANYTHING you want for dinner. What’s it going to be?

A.) Lobster! Or something out of the Atlantic

B.) Uhh.. Buffalo Wild Wings maybe?

C.) Slice of pie of course

D.) Bagel with cream cheese. Breakfast, lunch
and dinner

What type of house do you see yourself living in?

A.) A quaint colonial with a nice yard

B.) Beige house with a white picket fence. There will be a Golden Retriever prancing around the front yard

C.) I don’t care as long as it’s within 10 minutes from a train station

D.) Something modern… and BIG

Pick a celebrity.

A.) Ben Affleck

B.) Meryl Streep

C.) Jennifer Lopez

D.) Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Which best describes your style of driving?

A.) The only turn signal I use is my middle finger

B.) Better safe than sorry!

C.) I will not hesitate to run you off the road if you’re in my way

D.) If everyone is going 80, they can’t pull EVERYONE over, right?

What’s the last concert you went to?

A.) Kenny Chesney

B.) Meghan Trainor

C.) Billy Joel

D.) Bruce Springsteen

You’re taking a friend out to dinner for his/her birthday. Where are you heading?

A.) Seafood hut… really anywhere there’s fish and grease

B.) Applebee’s

C.) Oh, this new Vietnamese-Swahili fusion place uptown. I hear it’s good

D.) A real diner

What is one luxury you simply CANNOT live without?

A.) The Google Maps app

B.) Patagonia

C.) Montauk vacation home

D.) Tanning lotion

Choose an ice cream flavor.

A.) Strawberry

B.) Vanilla

C.) Moose tracks

D.) Oreo

What kind of car do you drive?

A.) A beat-up Toyota Camry, complete with a peeling “Use Your Blinkah” bumper sticker

B.) Pearl white Nissan Altima

C.) One of those Teslas where the doors open like a space shuttle

D.) Dented Civic, mirror attached via duct tape

Which show have you most recently binge-watched?

A.) Dexter

B.) The Office

C.) Dear White People

D.) Riverdale


A: 1 point

B: 2 points

C: 3 points

D: 4 points


10-15 Points: 

You are from Massachusetts! You’re a die hard Red Sox fan, love nothing more than grabbing an iced-coffee from Dunkin Donuts. You know all about highways with two names (93 North is also Route 1 South.)

16-25 Points: 

You’re from Connecticut! You opted not to travel too far for school, and rightfully so. CT is a beautiful and quiet state, filled the natural scenery and awesome schools. Oh, and some of the best pizza in the country!

25-34 Points: 

You are from New York! The Empire State is known for its big lights and big city, and you are certainly accustomed to those big city amenities. New York is all about being flashy and in your face- and you’re no exception.

35-40 Points: 

You’re from New Jersey! If there’s anything that’s certain in this world, it’s that NJ has the best bagels, best beaches and best diners. And you’re sure to let out-of-staters know that. All. The. Time.


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