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It’s A Match!

Tinder has been advertising a new addition that accommodates college students in particular. Tinder U is specifically designed for people just like you, who go to school and want to meet people within his or her community. Just register with your .edu email address and your school’s logo will appear. Tinder is one of those apps that are popular amongst many college students at many different universities. 

Tinder is mainly used by those looking for a possible relationship, hookup or friend. This app is super easy to use and can actually be fun to play around with. Swipe left to the users you’re not interested in; swipe right to users you want to get to know and hopefully, you’ll find a match.

Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has become one of the most successful dating apps.

“There are tens of millions of active users in over 196 countries, we’ve made 20 billion matches since we started,” Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder, said in an interview with Business Insider. “Our mission is to create new connections and bring the world closer together and help people meet others they otherwise wouldn’t have met.”

A majority of Tinder users are young adults, but the app is meant for anyone of any age.

“Tinder has 38 percent of female users and 62 percent of male users with more than half of them being single which came at 54 percent,” Global Web Index said.

Not only is the app favored by many individuals, Tinder also has an impressive daily gain of the swipes, matches and chats that it generates on a daily basis.

“Tinder has generated on a daily basis of 800 million swipes and 10 million matches,” Business Insider reports.

Many young adults and college students use this app daily and it keeps increasing as university students embark on their dating lives. Quinnipiac University students dished on  whether they have an account, why they use the app and their good or bad experiences they’ve had.

“I use it once a week and I downloaded it to meet people and to find out where people are going on weekends,” junior and neuroscience major, Srinithi Raghunathan said. “Tinder is very helpful because it’s not just about finding a date, I have found many friends using the app.”

Not only does Tinder help those find dates on-campus, it provided us with potential matches who share similar values and experiences whether you want to be more than friends or not.

“72 percent of millennials are using Tinder, and over 70 percent of the people on the dating app have never bothered to go on a date,” Candice Jalili from Elite Daily said. “A large majority aren’t on the app to find love, in fact only 4 percent of those surveyed said they use it to look for a relationship.”

Not only do Tinder users go on to find that special someone, most of the users are just on for fun and enjoy the features the app has to offer.

“I do not use dating apps, and I do not have Tinder,” senior radiology major Meghan Mcdonough said. “However, Tinder is a good way to go out and meet people. Unfortunately, my friend was catfished on a dating app and while meeting his date, he saw that it was a much older man who was supposed to be 18. You could not always know what you could be getting yourself into and it could potentially put you in a bad situation.”

Social media, even dating apps, can cause a majority of problems like harassment or predators. Some Tinder dates can be less successful than others and in some cases, dangerous. Tinder creates a community where you are able to talk conveniently since its through your phone. There are many rare cases of bad things happening through any dating app but it’s always good to keep an open mind when talking to someone.

“I don’t use Tinder, but they market it on all social media and the people who work at Tinder really want to get it out to us since there are more young adults who are single,” freshman undeclared business major Cam Denboggio said. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about people using the app.”

Tinder is favored by many college students because it makes it an easy way to communicate and find people you may not have met otherwise. Not only is it effortless, it’s free. Test out the swipe action, and maybe you could end up meeting your future match. 

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