Confessions of a coffee addict

Janna Marnell

[media-credit id=2199 align=”alignright” width=”200″][/media-credit]My name is Janna Marnell and I am a coffee addict. I can totally stop if I want to and I promise that I have tried. It is just those early mornings when I need a little pick-me-up. Then there’s another one around noon and of course I cannot go to my night class without another cup…

Let’s not even talk about my midnight cup to do all the unwanted homework late at night. There is something about the smell and the taste that just keeps me going. Or possibly the tons of caffeine, but just forget about that part.

I believe caffeine is the number one reason why college students seem somewhat normal. Look around campus and most people have some sort of caffeine drink in their hands –tea, coffee or even an energy drink.

Like all caffeine loaded drinks, coffee is an acquired taste. When The Chronicle asked the student body about why they would not drink coffee, the trending answer was that it tasted too bitter.

By looking at the Starbucks average sales at Quinnipiac being mostly iced teas, this checks out, since iced teas tend to be students go-to option for taste and the caffeine boost they need.

Coffee is expensive, so a coffee addiction can be a real burden. A venti iced caffe mocha from Starbucks four times a day is really destroying my meal plan (thanks, Mom), but what about the countries where coffee is most popular?

Quinnipiac students drink more coffee at school than when they are home, according to the same survey by The Chronicle. We feel like we need some sort of push to keep going through the hectic days and the social life we always wanted to have in college.

Being home is easy, since we have less responsibilities than we do at school. Unless you like the taste, there is no need for multiple cups of coffee a day. That said, when we get back to school we go from one to two cups of coffee a week to the same amount of coffee everyday.

[media-credit id=2238 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]The average American drinks about three cups a day, according to Harvard School of Public Health. However, inside the Quinnipiac “bubble,” the average coffee-drinker only consumes one to two.