Wreck: Sophomore downgrades

Amanda Perelli

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Being a sophomore at Quinnipiac University has its perks. While gaining the privilege to keep a car on campus may be one of the most anticipated, second year is truly a step up from the first. We are finally able to live with our established friend group in a suite-styled room. Some of the sophomore housing can feel like apartments with large common rooms, separate bathrooms, kitchens and AC. However, given all these benefits, sophomore year brings a fair amount of downgrades that are not to be overlooked.

Recycling is a controversial topic here at Quinnipiac (Does the university really recycle? But that’s another story), but as I’ve noticed there is not a recycling dumpster within the sophomore housing area. I can’t imagine that putting one in Hill Circle would be much of a hassle. My room came with a recycling bin, but since no one is willing to walk all the way to Sahlin, it ends up in the trash.

For those living in Hill and Complex, prepare for a snowy hike into the laundry room when winter approaches. Late night laundry runs a risk when the room is so secluded. It can be a frightening experience traveling down into the laundry room alone at night.

Also, if you have a kitchen in your room sophomore year, your meal plan suffers a serious cut. From roughly $1,400 to $1,000, this drastic change hits hard for those who don’t have the time to cook. Lastly, the recent changes to sophomore parking has turned the process into a wild free-for-all. When in history has a well-coordinated plan for something failed? Virtually never. If we want to leave campus, we need to plan time for coming back because maybe we will be left to park at York and take a shuttle back, and who knows how long that could take. – A. Perelli