Rave: All Pets Club

Caroline Millin

Are you experiencing stress as this semester speeds toward its close? Are you missing your furry friend at home? The solution is ALWAYS puppies. So, if you need to take a study break and play with a little puppy, check out All Pets Club in Wallingford. Not only do they have tons of adorable pups, the employees are friendly and understanding when it comes to students suffering from pet deprivation.

You walk to the back of the enormous store, and there are several large glass cases housing dozens of tiny puppies of various breeds. Simply pick one out that you would like to play with, and one of the employees will direct you to a cozy stall in which you can play, cuddle and bond with your temporary pet.

Bring your friends and meet as many dogs as you wish! The staff will keep switching out puppies upon request, and you can play with several at the same time. Some are sleepy while others are lively, but all of them are downright adorable and quite well behaved.

Fortunately, playing with them is free, and you can stay as long as the staff will put up with you–and they’re really very nice. Unfortunately, you cannot take these dogs home unless you have a considerable amount of money and do not live in a residence hall. I must mention that, no matter how tempting it is, you CANNOT smuggle one out under your jacket. Please resist the urge. –C. Millin