Wreck: sexy ‘Frozen’ Halloween costumes

Abby Mark

Halloween in college is not, by any standard, the Halloween you remember from when you were a kid. The methods of celebration are different. The treats are different. The costumes, though, are perhaps what set childhood and college apart most definitively. But speaking of standards, shouldn’t there be some? I understand the we’re-not-kids-anymore phenomenon, the one which pushes us girls toward a costume which will be cute, not just a good disguise. “For the first time in forever,” though, I think we’ve gone overboard.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve actually created sexy “Frozen” themed Halloween costumes.

This is ridiculous on more than one level, but particularly because it tears the innocence from something trademarked for its wholesome nature. Disney’s “Frozen,” a movie which countless students have likely seen and obsessed over, is equipped with a family-friendly plot, characters and music. Despite our age, we love that. So why do we feel the need to taint that innocence with “princess” costumes that attract a completely different type of attention? Do we seriously like the idea of scandalizing Elsa and Anna?

I sure don’t. There’s nothing sexy about it. And even if there was, what would that be teaching little girls who see those costumes? The message, I think, would be that Elsa and Anna don’t dress hot enough in the movie–this is how they really should dress, and you should, too. It’s disgusting. “Let it go.”