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Behind the bands: a Fall Fest preview

By now, you probably know the basics: Jana Kramer, Tyler Barham and The Henningsens will be performing at Fall Fest this Saturday.  Students will gather in South Lot from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., ready to enjoy hours of country music and fun with their friends.

Freshman Jessica Clough said she will be volunteering backstage at Fall Fest.

“I’ve never been to an actual concert before,” freshman Jessica Clough said.  “I’m really excited about the performances.”

Not everyone is a huge fan of country music, however.

“I would prefer hip hop or maybe even pop or dance music because that is what I like to hear at concerts,” sophomore Nathan Orsini said.  “But considering the season and popularity, I understand the music choice for Fall Fest. I’m still going to go to enjoy the music.”

There seems to be a healthy amount of excitement surrounding the event, but how much do students really know about these bands that will be playing?

“I haven’t heard of the bands before,” sophomore Jenna Appleton said. “I listened to some of their songs though, and they sound pretty good.”

Whether or not you know of the bands, some of these fun facts might surprise you.

For example, did you know that headliner Jana Kramer is fairly new to the music world?  Her first single “Why Ya Wanna” was released in 2012.  In addition to her singing, Kramer is an actress, best known for her role as Alex Dupre on the television series “One Tree Hill.”  She also guest starred on other series such as “Friday Night Lights” and “90210,” according to IMDB.  She was featured alongside Adam Sandler in the 2006 film “Click” as the grown-up version of his daughter.

Kramer is still working on various acting projects, but she is currently heavily involved with her music career.  Her website prominently features her new single “Love,” which we can hope to hear this Saturday.  Other popular songs from her self-titled album include “Whiskey,” “I Won’t Give Up” and “I Hope It Rains.”  She’s on tour until the end of October, and Quinnipiac is one of her many stops.

Featured artist Tyler Barham gained a following of over 50,000 fans through YouTube, according to his personal website. He was a finalist on Great American Country’s show “Next GAC Star” in 2008 and has earned various other recognitions as an up-and-coming country music artist.  Some of his most popular songs include “17 & Young,” “Slow Down,” “Stuck in a Country Love Song” and “Tennessee Girl.”

The Henningsens are a family act comprised of Brian Henningsen and two of his 10 children, Aaron and Clara Henningsen. This band, known for their successful song-writing, came together in 2007 when the family pooled their various music talents.  Their first single was “American Beautiful,” and they are also known for their tracks “I Miss You,” “To Believe” and “The Color Red.”

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