Wreck: Put the Uggs back in the box

Sarah Harris

Fall is almost here and the leaves are about to change from their summery greens to their beautiful autumn oranges and reds. Much like the changes seen in the scenic landscape, the walk down Bobcat Way to Tator Hall becomes more and more interesting to those who like fashion. For those who are looking, it is hard to not notice how trendy QU students have been looking.

Cardigans and moccasins begin to inch their way towards the front of closets, and light scarves are hanging cheerfully on their hooks. Unfortunately, one clothing item that seems to be making its way not only to the front of the closet but completely out of the closet is…Uggs.

This past week was a beautiful one, weather wise. We had chilly mornings, yes, but the afternoons reached to the ‘70s almost everyday. For some unknown reason, students have already begun wearing Uggs. It is unadvised to wear Uggs when it is 70 degrees out.  Not only is it way too soon, but you are basically asking to suffer from heat stroke. Putting on combat boots and riding boots is acceptable, but Uggs?

Uggs are slippers. The insides feel like slippers and should in no way be worn to make an outfit look better. Unless they are being worn with sweatpants and you’re on your way to the library at 9:00 p.m.

It is fine to disagree with me on Uggs in general, but wearing them already? It should be a crime to wear Uggs in September, and even early October. It should also be a crime to wear Uggs when it is 70 degrees out. People wear sandals in this weather. They can put on converse, combat boots, Toms and sandals, just do not put on those Uggs.

How can we fix the Ugg problem on campus? Place those things neatly back into their box and shove them into the back of your closet until the thermometer hits at least the low 60s.