Wreck: Obnoxious Odor on Bobcat Way

Jennifer Esposito

Spring is in full bloom here on the Quinnipiac campus!  The grass is greener, the flowers are blossoming and gorgeous trees line the paths.  However, as pretty as these trees may be, they smell disgusting.

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Students all over campus are complaining about the odor these trees are producing.  After years of experiencing the smell, they are commonly -albeit rudely- referred to as “vagina trees” because of their rotten fish smell.

Sure, they’re really pretty and Quinnipiac is all about the beautiful scenery but couldn’t they have picked a plant that smelled like, I don’t know, actual flowers?  It’s one thing to look good but smelling good is just as important.

Do you want this campus to be known for smelling like rotten fish?  That’s a real concern considering the amount of these trees present on campus. As spring progresses and the blooms begin to drop the scent is becoming almost inescapable, particularly around the dorms on Bobcat Way.

Students don’t want to walk around campus wafting in the smell of dead fish.  If you haven’t already noticed, it’s not exactly pleasant.  There are plenty of flowers that can look and smell good.  Isn’t the whole point of a flower to smell good?  Whose idea was it to plant these trees?  Maybe Quinnipiac should invest in a new gardener.