Rave: #ShitQUKidsSay

Caroline Moses

A typical scroll through your twitter feed would show tweets from the popular @QUCrushes and @QpacProbs, but there’s a new Quinnipiac parody account in town. With tweets like “Wait.. Where’s my QCard?!” or cracks about the quad turning into a tanning station during spring time, @QU_Sayings, or #ShitQUKidsSay, is hilariously addicting and shamefully accurate.

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 The inappropriate, profanity-laden comments are quickly circulating around campus, getting more than 80 retweets on their “What’s class?” tweet after the week-long cancellation during Winter Storm Nemo. Whether they’re encouraging QU students to underage drink, or joking about QU’s affluent students with tweets like, “My daddy sent the helicopter for me to go home in for Easter,” @QU_Sayings reflects the thoughts of many Bobcats.

 Who’s behind this genius account, we’ll never know. Much like “Life of a Bobkitten,” and “QuinnipiacProblems,” and more recently “QUCrushes and “QU Compliments,” the “anon” twitter accounts plan on staying exactly that: anonymous.

 Poking fun at President Lahey, BobcatNet and our ever-famous “slobcats” and their sloppy behavior (um hello, random thong on the Quad pathway? EW!), #ShitQUKidsSay will have you retweeting, favoriting and laughing your a$$ off at what they post. Better watch out slobcats, you might be mentioned in the next tweet.