WRECK: Icy pathways uneccessary and dangerous

Jessica Colarossi

With winter comes snow, with snow comes ice, and with ice comes the unavoidable slip-and-slides that used to be sidewalks. Many Quinnipiac students have gone through bone-breaking falls and head spinning collisions walking to and from classes, and many students feel something more must be done to prevent such hazardous conditions.

Commons Bridge is a major problem, becoming extra slippery when just a light coating of snow falls. Passer-byers can usually witness students sliding down instead of walking, and some students have said they’ve been told to “walk on the snow” instead of the middle of the sidewalk in order to avoid slipping.

Although there are ways to be more safe when walking on the slippery pavement, like “walking on the snow,” wearing boots with a rubber sole (not Ugg Boots) and walking at a cautious pace, there are better alternatives- like frequently pouring sand and salt on walkways like normal people and businesses do. Though university officials plow the roads and shovel snow out of the way, it seems this just isn’t enough.

“I always feel like I should put on skates and skate to class!” said freshman Marcella D’Aston. “It definitely could be an adventure trying to walk everywhere.”