Tips for social media etiquette

Samantha Epstein

Social media is a driving force in our generation. It’s how we communicate, it’s how we procrastinate, it’s a way of life. But there’s a fine line between using social media and abusing it. Having a Facebook and/or a Twitter account isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.

Here are a few things you should avoid when posting on your pages:

1. Relationships
A relationship is supposed to be a private affair between two partners. Keep it that way. We get it. You’re in love. You don’t need to continuously post and tweet back and forth about how you have the best boyfriend/girlfriend ever. It’s not cute, it’s gross. Also, you’re in college now. It’s time to stop celebrating your 13 month, 24 day and 16 hour anniversary. Don’t even get me started on kissing pictures.

2. Alcohol
To all you underage people: you’ve been told this a thousand times, but I’m going to make it a thousand and one. Stop posting pictures and statuses of yourself #wasted at Toads. What you’re doing is illegal. You wouldn’t post a picture of yourself in a black jumpsuit if you were #RobbingABank, so keep those pictures to yourself. If you don’t, you’ll continue to find yourself #unemployed.

3. Political beliefs
There’s a reason it’s considered impolite to ask someone what his or her political party is. Just like I wouldn’t go asking how much a person weighs or how much money he or she makes. It’s private information. They’re your opinions and you should keep them that way. Facebook and Twitter are not the places to shove your political ideas down people’s throats. If you enjoy hashing out your political beliefs with people who disagree with you, I suggest you join a debate team.

4. Sports
I’m all for rooting for your sports teams publicly. What I don’t appreciate is bashing other people’s sports teams. I’ll talk smack every once in a while if it’s face to face, but I don’t go around commenting on people’s statuses saying how much I hate the Red Sox (unless I’m provoked). It’s the same as politics. Those are your opinions. Keep them to yourself.

5. Passive aggressiveness
We all know that person. The one who posts things like “how could you do that to me?” or “you have made this literally the worst day ever.” I have an idea. Give your thumbs a break and go talk to the person. I guarantee it’ll be a lot more beneficial than wasting your energy on a tweet. Passive aggressive song lyrics fall under this category as well. Because guess what! No one cares.

If after reading this you still find yourself compelled to post something about any or all of the aforementioned topics, do us all a favor and post it on Google+ where no one will see it.