WRECK: YouTube sensation ‘Gangnam Style’

Sara Kozlowski

Why is this man galloping like a horse and calling it dancing? South Korean singer Park Jae-sang, or “Psy,” somehow holds the No. 2 spot on iTunes for his song “Gangnam Style.” This song has come out of nowhere. One of the lines translates, “I’m a guy who one-shots his coffee before it even cools down.” Oh, Psy, don’t tease me like that! All my life I’ve been looking for a man who has such astounding capabilities!

The music video only adds to the absurdity of it all. For some reason, in the beginning, there’s a 6-year-old with greasy hair doing strange, Michael Jackson-esque, break dancing. Then Psy, this over-sexualized chunky Asian man sporting a suit, decides to start galloping in a horse stable while singing along in Korean.

The song, as well as the music video, could not be more obscure, especially
when he keeps “whooping” during the chorus. One minute he’s on a bus or in a parking garage having a dance off with an androgynous in a revolting yellow suit, then he’s rapping on the toilet or cuddling with some dude in a steam room. It’s hard to keep up with his crazy antics. It seems you don’t need any real talent these days to become famous.