WRECK: Nic Cowan: Get this guy a map!

Shannon Corcoran


“I’ve never traveled to this part of New York before,” said Nic Cowan, the opener for O.A.R. at the fourth annual Wake the Giant concert.

Umm, Quinnipiac is in Connecticut, buddy. You should know this. Quinnipiac is on the level of Harvard. The fact that QU is in Connecticut is common knowledge… to everyone but you apparently.

Okay, maybe Quinnipiac isn’t as well-known as Harvard, but you should know where you are, and if you’re unsure about it, ask someone. Really, it’s not that hard. We get it, you’re not from the northeast, but still. Take out a map or pull out your phone and see what state you’re in every now and then. It’s simple.

Not only did Cowan have the geography mishap in front of the audience, but he also said the same thing to his 8,500 Twitter followers on Saturday. Awkward, or just plain stupid? You would think one of his band members would have seen it and corrected him before he screwed up a second time. Wrong.

On the bright side, at least he put on a good show. Still, someone needs to give that guy a map ASAP. There’s no chance this was the first time he lost track of his location.