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O.A.R plays sounds of summer at Wake the Giant concert


The lights dimmed around 8 p.m., and the rather small crowd made an attempt to be as loud as possible as O.A.R. took the stage.

Of a Revolution, or O.A.R., played its soulful sounds of summer at the TD Bank Sports Center for the annual Wake the Giant concert hosted by the Student Programming Board.

It was a crowd-pleasing show, keeping the vibes mellow and fun while playing fan favorites such as “Hey Girl,” “City on Down” and “Heaven.”

“The show was awesome,” senior Brianna Ardlino said. “This is my first time seeing them live and I was blown away by everything they played. I’m definitely seeing them again.”

Solo artist Nic Cowan, who opened the show, won the audience over with his bluesy southern twang voice meshed with a bit of rock.

“Nic Cowan was a nice surprise,” Ardlino said. “I really liked his sound a lot. He made a new fan out of me.”

If Cowan’s sound didn’t capture the audience’s attention, his geography mishap certainly did.

“I’ve never traveled to this part of New York before,” Cowan told the audience.

Thankfully, one of his band members corrected him before Cowan messed up again.

O.A.R. made its entrance right after. With about 400 people attending, the show was intimate, giving those that have been following the band for years a unique experience to get up close and personal with the band.

“This is my fifth time seeing O.A.R. live,” senior Dan Abareu said. “I have never seen them play such a small show. Getting to be feet away from them was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m really glad that my last Wake the Giant concert was a band that I love.”

However, the concert lacked energy, largely due to the underwhelming crowd. When the band intentionally stopped singing some of its lyrics to let the audience do the work for it, the response was nearly inaudible, a bummer for a band that sells out renowned venues such as Madison Square Garden.

“I’m disappointed that not a lot of people came tonight,” junior Joelle Paolino said. “I really expected everyone to be really enthusiastic about O.A.R. coming. It’s discouraging because they’re such a big band.”

Freshman Michaela Belanger agreed with Paolino.

“I like O.A.R.; however, I think the genre choice was bad,” Belanger said. “Students want a more upbeat band with more vibrant energy.”

It seemed like everybody that went to the show had a blast. It was also evident that despite the small crowd, the members of O.A.R. enjoyed themselves. Between songs, lead singer Marc Roberge took time to connect with audience members and make the show a personal experience for everyone.

After a nearly two-hour set and an encore that included the mega hit “Shattered,” the band took its final bows and thanked the Quinnipiac community for its support.

“O.A.R. was happy with everything, and the event ran smoothly,” Jamie Kloss, SPB mainstage chairperson, said. “Everyone seemed to have a blast and that’s what matters. I just wish more people came out tonight to experience the awesome show that O.A.R. put on.”

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