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The hookup list is back

While “The Hookup Samaritan” may not have the same motives as the “Millionaire Matchmaker’s” Patti Stanger or “Tough Love’s” Steve Ward, the person behind Quinnipiac’s own matchmaking service isn’t looking to match students for long-term commitment — the QU Hookup List looks to rid seniors of any hookup hang-ups before graduation.

Last year, the Hookup Samaritan created the website “QU Hookup List,” which invites Quinnipiac seniors to enter their email addresses so they can receive a password to access the site. Then, users can list the names of people they want to hook up with during Senior Week. If the user has a hookup match, both students will receive a notifying email. Those interested can sign up at

“Our latest alumni report has shown the biggest regret for graduates isn’t the major they chose or the extracurriculars they did or didn’t do — it’s the people they didn’t hook up with,” said the Samaritan, the website’s founder.

On July 3, @QUHookUpList tweeted that 79 hookup matches were made during the 2011 Senior Week event, and the Samaritan reports 914 students from the 2011 graduating class used the website.

“You type in your crush’s name. If there’s no match, then nothing happens. If there is, you each get a goofy email. Then, the next time you see each other, you can share a laugh. Then make out,” the Samaritan said.

According to the website, complete anonymity will be maintained throughout the sign-up process and hookup lists will remain private.

“We care enough to hook you up with other people, but don’t care enough to do anything with the information. We’re alumni — we don’t even know you,” the Samaritan said.

Senior Ivy Laplante, a Senior Week Committee member, describes the hookup website as “creepy.”

“I believe that students can have a great time hanging out with their classmates and do not have to resort to the hookup list for their fun,” Laplante said. “I am fully looking forward to spending the week with my friends and fellow classmates, celebrating our four years together and the memories we have made, not some forced interaction by an anonymous website.”

The Samaritan said it is “understandable” that some students may think the website is “creepy.”

“Anything that involves organizing hookups is a little unusual,” the Samaritan said.

While some consider the website to be awkward, others understand the hookup list’s allure.

“I get it,” senior Vanessa Baez said. “It’s your last chance to get with your crush. I’m sure a lot of people would make up a list. I know I have one but I don’t know if I’d take it seriously and actually use it.”

Phil Pappas is another Senior Week Committee member who says students shouldn’t fixate on finding a hookup.

“[Senior Week] is the last three days of your college career, Leave the drama at home, come prepared to party, and whatever happens, happens,” Pappas said.

No matter the motive for creating a personal hookup list, the Samaritan says the names written on the website will stay on the website.

“Your list will never be shared, sold or made public,” the Samaritan said. “We’re not Facebook.”

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