SEX ON FIRE: Does he really like me?

The QU Chronicle

DEAR LOVELY RITA: There’s a really cute guy in my philosophy class. We talk in class sometimes and he got my number awhile ago. We’ve also hung out a few times outside of class. I like him but I can’t tell if he likes me or not because he’s kind of shy when we’re in person. How can I tell if he likes me? – Mystified

DEAR MYSTIFIED: Frankly my dear, if I knew the answer to that question then I’d have tweeted it a long time ago. You could try plucking flower petals and asking, “does he like me? Does he not?” Every guy is different so you might try shaking a Magic 8 Ball, because men as a species are an enigma. In fact, men constantly bemoan the “mystery” of women, but I think (and women, give me a hoorah if you agree with me) that it’s the other way around. If a man tells you that he doesn’t play mind games, he is lying like a rug.

There a few telltale signs that might give you a hint he digs you. 1. Even though you said he’s shy, he still puts himself out there to see or talk to you. 2. He initiates text convos and usually responds with polysyllabic answers. 3. He crosses his leg toward you, positions himself near you, and uses other subconscious body language to show he’s got a primal attraction toward you. 4. You already said that he took your digits and asked you to hang out a couple of times, and those are definitely steps on the staircase of romance.

Unfortunately, there is no checklist you can refer to to find out if a guy likes you. But gathering from what you’ve said, it seems like you might have to take the reins. Wear a low-cut shirt and some mascara and flirt him up. If he does like you, he’ll have no problem being seduced. – Lovely Rita

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