RAVE of the week: Wait…Bieber can rap?

Matt Eisenberg

Belieb me, I can’t stand Justin Bieber either, but the kid can rap.

Bieber’s freestyle over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis” last week on Power 106 FM was simply stunning. He started off slow, using some of the song’s original lyrics as inspiration, but once he got into it, he went hard.

He raps: “Riding in an all-black Benz with the all-black rims / And we looking at some tens through our all-black lenses.”

I could have sworn I was listening to Yeezy rap, but no. It was the Biebs.
He continues: “Hated by jealousy cause they envy me.”
In its entirety, his rap is a combination of Mac Miller’s lyricism with Chris Webby’s flow – and that’s a compliment to the teenage heartthrob. Part of me thought he actually was a pro rapper rather than a pop star trying to impersonate one.

If Biebs sticks with rapping, his haters might eat their words. Even I have some newfound respect for him.

I expect him to freestyle over “8 Mile” next to see if he’s the real deal. I really hope this isn’t a fluke. If it’s not maybe we can expect a mixtape from him.