Hunter Hayes Hops on Country Bandwagon

Shannon Corcoran

Fresh off a touring stint with mega superstar Taylor Swift, country newbie Hunter Hayes proves to be pure talent in his self-titled debut album. With a voice that may remind country fans of Rascal Flatts’ Gary Levox, Hayes has a strong sound with songs that will soon have teenage girls dreaming about country music’s newest heartthrob.

Many music lovers know that an album’s success usually depends on its lead single. Hayes couldn’t have picked a better song off the album to make a name for himself. Released this past summer, “Storm Warning” is a combination of catchy lyrics and a fresh, feel good beat. With a fun music video, the single found itself clamoring for attention within country music nation. Hayes then embarked on the fast track to stardom as he began touring with Swift.

Throughout the album, Hayes shows off his amazing song writing skills. “Wanted” is the epitome of great song writing. A ballad with its fair share of high points, the track likely has girls all over the country wishing that they can date him, or a guy as close as you can get to him. With a lyrical content that’s as close as you can get to a male version of Taylor Swift, “Wanted” has a ton of heart filled; blush inducing moments that are sure to only become the aspiring star’s trademark in coming months.

While many girls love to hear songs that have guys singing about love, songs with a message more than “you’re beautiful,” tend to make a bigger impact on the heart. “Faith to Fall Back On” is a perfect example of this. The lyrics explain how important it is to have “a little faith to fall back on when everything seems like its crashing down.” This song found its way into my heart after just one listen.

Hayes’s debut album is a country music lover’s dream, a hybrid of Taylor Swift mixed with Rascal Flatts. Coincidentally, now that he’s completed touring with Swift, he’ll be heading on the road with the Rascal Flatts trio in February. The album is nothing short of a well-crafted musical diary. The only thing that it lacks though, is that charm and wholeness that bands such as Flatts and Lady Antebellum constantly bring to the table. But that comes with time and as Hayes continues to grow as an artist will come naturally. Overall, for a debut album, it’s showing a ton amount of promise. This is a must-listen to album for country music lovers alike.