The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Don’t forget to relax during stressful times

Linsday Roberts

April 28, 2010

Classes for next year, internships, jobs, workload, finals, papers, lingering tests, drama at home, drama in the dorm, drama with a relationship, lack of sleep, lack of motivation, should I go out tonight or write that paper,...

Hateful students: please leave

Linsday Roberts

November 4, 2008

Hateful students: please leave. To the deplorable individuals who have committed acts of hate, you should know that it is people like you that are unwelcome at this campus, not the students you have targeted. What you have done...

Political apathy disheartening

Linsday Roberts

October 22, 2008

In the last issue of The Chronicle, the poll question asked students if they had been following the Presidential election, a shocking 68 percent of students said that they had not. I find this number extremely disheartening....