Swift matures with ‘Speak Now’

Nicole Fano

The girl next door is telling it like it is.

On her predictable yet relatable latest, Taylor Swift shares 14 different confessions with each track. Throughout “Speak Now” she remains loyal to the slight country beats and the touching choruses that dubbed her music royalty.

Unlike previous albums, “Speak Now” does a better job mixing up beats and tempos. Songs like “Haunted” and “Better than Revenge” resemble Paramore’s pop-punk sound; a surprising song style for Swift.

“Speak Now” is a lyrical treat, consisting of T-Swift’s usual blend of thanks, apologies, scoldings and adages. But the main difference between “Speak Now” and earlier albums like “Fearless” is the heightened maturity level of the songs.

Instead of singing woes about high school trivialities, the 20-year-old creates lyrical luxury by writing about revenge, forgiveness and bad relationships.

Undertones of secrecy and obscurity exist within each song, as tabloids and fans are kept guessing about the meaning behind each lyric. “Back to December” is a personal apology to Taylor Lautner, “Dear John” is a scolding for that playboy John Mayer, and “Better than Revenge” is Swift’s way of bitching out Camilla Belle, the “other girl” in her former relationship with Joe Jonas.

Swift outdoes herself with every new album, each better than the last. “Speak Now” is personal and intimate.

The sound is surprisingly new, and in usual form, it’s beyond radio worthy.

Photo credit: Big Machine Records