RAVE and WRECK of the week: Oct 27, 2010

Nicole Fano

RAVE of the week: ABC’s ‘13 Nights of Halloween’

Halloween used to be all about the candy, and now it’s all about scandalous costumes. Although our interests have changed, a childhood love for ABC Family’s annual “13 Nights of Halloween” still exists. This year marks the twelfth consecutive showing of the holiday event, which began on Oct. 19. The program shows classic Halloween movies we once thought were so scary, including classic films like “The Goonies,” “Teen Witch” and “Hocus Pocus.” No matter how old you are, I guarantee the sight of Kathy Najimy flying through the air on a vacuum will make you chuckle. This year, ABC Family added newer films to the schedule such as Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion,” “Van Helsing,” and Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.” Although it’s a holiday favorite, “13 Nights of Halloween” must compete with Disney Channel’s re-runs of original movies like “Halloweentown” and “Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire.” Tonight marks the ninth night of the Halloween-inspired event with “The Haunted Mansion” showing at 9. If you’re not in the mood to dress up this year, then stay in, cuddle up, and enjoy the last nights of “13 Nights of Halloween.” -NF

WRECK of the week: Don’t mess with Bieber

Justin Bieber is an official badass. No, he hasn’t checked into rehab yet, and he isn’t having a secret love affair with Kim Kardashian. But the seemingly soft-spoken “Biebs” has a violent side. Bieber has been accused of assaulting a 12-year-old boy during a seemingly harmless laser tag game, according to a report from TMZ. Canadian police claim the teen pop star pushed the boy during a heated game. Little boys don’t know any better, right? Several online reports claim a group of young boys cornered Bieber and called a gay slur at him, sparking the conflict. An avid Twitter user, Bieber has yet to comment on the incident. But the young superstar is scheduled to go public and extend support to the anti-bullying campaign in the near future. To get through his emotional ordeal, “Biebs” is focusing on upcoming projects such as the release of his OPI nail polish line “One Less Lonely Girl,” and newly released memoir titled “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story.” The memoir presumably begins with Bieber’s time in the womb and ends just before puberty. On a serious note, the book features a chapter on his inspiration for writing “Baby.” Save your money until he releases his next memoir in ten years, most likely to be titled “The Rise and Fall of Justin Bieber.” In the meantime, let’s find a cure for “Bieber Fever” immediately. -NF