The Dave Matthews Band goes pop

The Dave Matthews Band has hit the pop scene with its latest release, “Everyday.”
The hit single, “I Did It,” has been all over the radio waves on most pop stations. The catchy beat and the reiterating “I did it…guilty as charged…” chorus has caught everyone’s ear.
The album has been called DMB’s best yet. “I Did It” hit the Billboards as No. 10 in only three weeks.
“Everyday” is the band’s fifth album. By bringing on producer Glen Ballard (Aerosmith, Alanis Morisette, etc.), DMB were able to reinvent the whole aura and sound that is usually delivered in their music.
The tracks are quirky and fun, yet deep and shadowy. Dave Matthews made a huge switch from solely playing acoustic guitar to a primarily playing electric guitar throughout the whole album.
In fact, the whole band underwent a huge change. The songs are more pop-esque, attracting a younger audience, as well as DMB-devotees.
Tracks such as “I Did It,” “So Right,” and “Dreams Of Our Fathers” are written in such an upbeat lively way that contradicts such well-known, crowd-swaying DMB tunes such as “Satellite” and “Crash Into Me.”
There is not one song on the album that is longer than five minutes, and each is played with a little more edge than their previous records.
Still keeping the tight group of Carter Beuford (drums, percussion), Stefan Lessard (bass), LeRoi Moore (saxophone, flute), and Boyd Tinsley (violin), the band also invited Carlos Santana on “Mother Father.” “Mother Father” is a song written by Dave Matthews to speak of social responsibility.
Overall, “Everyday” is quite different from anything that the Dave Matthews Band has ever released before. It travels a little from the earthy side to also incorporate more of an eccentric pop sound, which is selling on all top charts.
However, the new sound does take some getting used to. You might want to borrow your roommates’ copy first, before hastily throwing down a twenty at your record store.
You can check the band out at