What we don’t have….

Danielle M. Guinta

Editorials are something that I would love to write every week. It is a great way to express a student’s point of view about the way things are working here at Quinnipiac, the only problem is…I am sick of griping about life here. How many times can I complain about the parking and the lack of security? I know everyone is trying to make life better here, it’s just not happening fast enough.
Well, this week I would like to know why tuition went up? With all the extra people attending school here, people we don’t have enough room for, wouldn’t one think that Quinnipiac is making more money than they originally planned to? Where is all our money going? We know it isn’t going to the deserving facilities workers.
Is Quinnipiac really worth the amount of money we are paying. We pay for small class size, but are we getting it? We pay almost as much as an Ivy League school and what do we have? We don’t have a decent athletic field, or a pool for a swim team. We don’t have enough dorms, room in the cafeteria, mailboxes, or parking spaces. We don’t have a darkroom, enough editing equipment for all the students in the Comm program, offices for the student organizations, or rooms for classes.
And we don’t have a library that’s open 24 hours a day, or at least into the wee hours of the night. For a university library to kick students out at midnight is absurd. But hey, with the advances in the Internet, who needs a new library with three bay windows, leather chairs, and quiet study rooms. I guess there is enough room in the overcrowded dorms for people to study late into the night, while their 12 roommates are sleeping.
If Quinnipiac wants to be a university, it has to act like a university. It has to keep the library a silent place to study, give students and organizations room to thrive and grow, and it has to stop building unnecessary Pine Grove buildings.
Oh, and what’s this I hear about a new dormitory being built this summer in the space currently known as the East Lot (Ledges parking lot)? Don’t we need that parking for all the next-year seniors that have been kicked off campus? Where does Quinnipiac expect these extra 500-1000 commuters to park? I haven’t the faintest idea, and I don’t think they do either.
It seems pointless to keep bringing these problems into the light because as of yet, nothing seems like it is going to change, but why did Quinnipiac have to change in the first place? I thought it was a very pleasant, and small, community I was becoming a part of as a freshman. Almost all of the senior class knows one another. Can that be said of the freshman and sophomores? Chances are…no.
If I could have one wish, it would be that Quinnipiac University return to Quinnipiac College and go back to a time when this campus was a fun and easy place to live.