New nursing program accepts first students

Heather Kramer is going to be one of the first students to be in Quinnipiac’s first accelerated nursing program that will be starting this May. She graduated from Leheigh University with a degree in social sciences, but decided nursing school would be a better path for her future aspirations.
Kramer’s goal is to get her masters at Yale. She wants to be a certified nurse-midwife, which is a person that aids in labor. The only difference between a nurse-midwife and OB/GYN is that they are unable to perform surgery on the women. “A midwife is always their breathing with them from beginning to end,” said Kramer.
Kramer said, “It’s a different kind of care that a doctor gives.” She believes her job will be more personal because she will be there from beginning to end with her patient.
Kramer has devoted three summers at a local OB/GYN group. There she proceeded to follow midwives on weekends at Yale and has even witnessed two deliveries. Kramer said, “It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever witnessed.”
The new program, Accelerated nursing, will be offered for the first time this May. It is a program that is only offered to people that are looking for a second degree. Presently, Kramer is taking all her prerequisites to be in the nursing program. However, in May she will join the rest of her classmates for a full calender year and get her nursing degree.
She is not wasting any time. Kramer said she takes her classes and studies very seriously. This is a field that she feels strongly about. “I feel that women’s health is really important,” said Kramer.
After graduating from Quinnipiac she wants to work as a laboring-delivery nurse in Boston or New York. Then Kramer will proceed to get her masters in midwifery.