This week in TKE

TKE Correspondent

This past week was very important to the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon. The brotherhood in TKE reached a peak this week in many arenas around campus. The brothers sat at the Blood Drive table early this week and attracted many students and faculty to sign up for the Blood Drive that happened earlier this week.
There were just under 200 people in attendance at the Red Cross’ semi-annual Blood Drive. Mike Cummings, philanthropy chair, said that he was very pleased with the outpouring of students to give blood.
Each donation of blood will go to save 4 lives. The Red Cross is always looking for donors. Anyone can give blood, as many times as they like, as long as they allow 56 days in between each session.
The Quinnipiac community has shown their support of the blood drive each semester that they see the impact their donation makes.
Other exciting events that have built brotherhood have occurred primarily due to the new members. Each Thursday during the education period, the new members plan and coordinate brotherhood events.
During this event, the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon will get together to increase the bond of brotherhood and get to know the new members even better.
Also, this past weekend, the brothers and new members got together with guests to share snacks and watch the XFL. This was one of the events that Tim Hennessey had planned for the brotherhood.
Also, TKE brothers were seen at the QU men’s last basketball game of the season last Monday at Burt Kahn Court. They wore letters and cheered on the QU Braves.
Brotherhood has been strengthened through the new member period and TKE is continuing to enlarge its sphere on campus.
Through the upcoming elections and more fundraisers, TKE brothers will continue to be active in campus affairs. We are striving to become the nation’s Top TKE Chapter and through this, people will see more brotherhood around the community.
We wish all the students and faculty continued success in striving to achieve all our goals.