Weezer’s ‘Hurley’ a breath of fresh air

Reid Engwall

Weezer has been making music since 1993, releasing seven studio albums for Geffen Records, along with various solo works of the band’s previous and current members. The release of “Hurley” on Sept. 14 marked the band’s eighth studio album as well as their first effort with Epitaph Records.

One aspect that stands out with the latest Weezer album is the unusual cover, which depicts the face of actor  Jorge Garcia smiling. Many are familiar with Garcia, who played the character Hurley on the ABC hit show “Lost.” So when lead singer and guitarist Rivers Cuomo decided to use the face of Garcia on the album, it was only natural to use the name people would think of.

Of course in this society’s drama-crazed fashion, the album cover sparked controversy with some claiming that the Hurley clothing company gave money to Weezer to use their name. Rivers denies the allegations and has since ironically released a clothing line with Hurley.

The album itself is a breath of fresh air for Weezer fans that miss the 90s metal feel that the group used to be all about.  In nearly every track, listeners can enjoy a poppy guitar riff backed by the steady power chords of rhythm guitarist Brian Bell. The album also holds true to front man Cuomo’s notoriously quirky lyrics, as seen in the word play of the track “Where’s My Sex,” in which Rivers says, “I can’t go out without my sex, it’s cold outside and my toes get wet.”

Weezer continues to make the music that they want, while scoring hits with songs like the opening track of this album, “Memories.” For those that miss the pure rock from Weezer in the past, “Hurley” has a lot to offer.