Spice up your CD collection with ‘Sound Loaded’

Kameron Moore

Ricky Martin’s most recent album, Sound Loaded is actually a fairly decent one. He does a really good job mixing Latin sounds into pop songs.
This Latin touch helps Martin stick out from all the other pop performers of today. It gives the album a different type of energy and feeling.
Sound Loaded is a good mix of upbeat dance songs and romantic love songs. With popular song writers such as Jon Secada and Diane Warren there, was no way Martin could go wrong.
The album’s first single “She Bangs” is without a doubt the best track. It makes you want to get up and dance.
“She Bangs” sets the energy and the tone for Sound Loaded. It is mainly a fun tone. Martin does not touch on any serious issues in his lyrics. He has simply made an album that is fun to dance and listen to.
Martin has also made room for romance on Sound Loaded. His sweet, sexy voice and touching lyrics on “Come to Me” and “The Touch” will make any girls heart beat a little faster.
Martin’s latest single from “Sound Loaded is “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely.” Martin performed a duet with pop singer Christina Aguilera; however, this version of the “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely” is not on the album.
It is apparent when listening to the old version, Aguilera adds something special to the song. The old version is mundane and dull with out her powerful voice. However, the duet will be included on all new versions of Sound Loaded.
So if you are looking to spice up your CD collection with something different, then I definitely suggest Sound Loaded. It is a lighthearted album with a great Latin feel.
Grade: A-