Dont’ become the ultimate prey

Kate Krivitzky

One year ago, I began my career as a Quinnipiac freshman, excited and anxious to meet new people and eager to throw myself into the college scene.  I studied hard and  got involved in campus life.  My one downfall (although a year ago I would have claimed it to be a triumph) was that I was binge drinking every night of the weekend, and even sometimes the entire week.  I didn’t realize it then, but I was a sloppy, stupid freshman girl, also known as the ultimate prey.

As I began my sophomore year merely two weeks ago, I noticed the gorgeous, drunken freshmen girls. So eager to make new friends and find cute boys, they resorted to downing bottles of Bacardi to give themselves some liquid courage. Of course it suddenly occurred to me that these sloppy girls were me, only a year behind. I was disgusted with myself, but also felt relieved that I had made it through such a dangerous and reckless time completely unscathed.

This year my perspective is entirely different, my attitude changed to annoyance rather than excitement. I have sat on the sidelines and watched my sophomore male friends look at the “fresh meat” as something to conquer, then throw away and move on to the next victim. This victim list is about 1,000 girls long, the ultimate prey for sophomore predators.

Think about it; you’re a cute freshman girl, new to everything about college. A handsome upperclassman comes over and invites you to a party: You’re going to go, and you’re going to bring all your girlfriends.  This cute male sophomore has just secured an entire night of flirtation and fooling around for himself and all of the guys at his party. The problem is, girls, you’re not special. You’re one girl, one night, one time. Tomorrow night, it’ll be some other girl.  Obviously this doesn’t apply to every situation, but it does happen … a lot!

Last weekend for example, a male friend brought an extremely intoxicated girl into our friends’ room. She stumbled all over the room, slurring her speech as she desperately tried introducing herself to me.  She looked at me and said, “I think I saw you the other night…I was that really drunk girl outside of Troupe, ha ha ha!” I was not amused. Although I recall being the drunken girl outside of Troupe only a year ago, this new drunken girl was beyond irritating and expressing herself in a dumb and distasteful light. In true predator fashion, my friend, the male sophomore, continued to pursue her and closed the deal at the end of the night. The next day he couldn’t even remember her name.

So to all the freshman girls out there, rather than be offended, take it as a piece of advice from someone who was in your shoes just 12 months ago. Be aware that the upperclassmen may have only one thing in mind, make sure you’re always in control of the situation and please stop referring to yourselves as the drunk girls outside of Troupe. It’s really not attractive.  So, ultimate prey, be on guard for the ultimate predators dressed as cute upperclassmen, because you might not be as lucky as I was.