Brit Rock Band Coldplay’s ‘Parachute’ is hot on the charts

The Brit-rock band, Coldplay, led by singer Chris Martin, are showing their “simplistic acoustics and charming persona” (M.W. AMG, 2000) to be a fresh and ear-captivating sound in the music scene. This quartet was formed in 1998 at the University College of London, and have released three albums since.
Their latest album, “Parachutes,” was released last November under the label Parlophone. This ten-song record contains a `Beatles-esque’ flair, while incorporating a majestic eerie-ness throughout the whole album. Their hit song “Yellow” has reached high into the charts, letting Coldplay come up in the music world.
The band started receiving attention in the British rock scene upon the release of their limited edition five track EP, “Blue Room.” Their next release, the three track EP “Shiver” gained them as much respect as did “Blue Room.” Both were rated with three stars, and contained single that were later produced on “Parachutes.”
Martin, backed by guitarist Jon Buckland, drummer Will Champion, and bassist Guy Berryman deserve credit for their first full length album.
With their passionate lyrics, and simple guitar patterns, “Parachutes” was given four stars. Chris Martin’s hauntingly bittersweet voice resembles that of Thom Yorke’s from Radiohead, another band that falls under the same label as Coldplay. As this album has proven itself so far in the music industry, the band still needs to capture its own unique and irresistible sound as its influences have already accomplished.
If you already are a Coldplay fan, you might want to check out other artists such as Radiohead, Mansun, Jeff Buckley and Travis.
In the area shows for Coldplay include: 2/16, Irving Plaza, NY, NY; Avalon, Boston, MA. You can Coldplay out on your own at