Editorial: Get involved on campus!

Pamela Morello

Welcome back to a new semester at Quinnipiac!
One of the best things about college life, aside from the freedom of living on your own and the perpetual parties, is the academic schedule. The college calendar is made up of two semesters separated by two long breaks, each entirely different from the other.
Each new semester is an opportunity for reinvention: new classes and knowledge, a new look, a new attitude, a new work ethic, a new perspective, some new friends, new interests and new involvements.
Despite these opportunities to start anew, I hear the same words come from many student’s mouths: “There’s nothing to do on this campus!” Well, I beg to differ.
The problem with many students at Quinnipiac is that they are too lazy and self-involved to take part in any school-sponsored event. It’s not about the lack of activities to do on campus. Rather, it is about students lack of interest.
There are too many antisocial people who would prefer to stay in their rooms with a case of beer rather than become a part of their campus community.
There are more than 50 clubs and organizations to be a part of at Quinnipiac. With that many, there is bound to be something to suit your interests.
Each of these organizations sponsor many campus events each semester that students should take advantage of.
For example, this past week alone the Residence Hall Council sponsored the Suitcase Dance to win a trip to Disney World, the Social Programming Board showed “Meet the Parents” in Buckman Theater all weekend long, the Quinnipiac community welcomed Step Afrika to campus to perform at the annual Martin Luther King Dessert, the Freshman class sponsored Club Q with three DJs, and the Dance Company held auditions for new members.
So, how many of those events did you attend? For those of you who didn’t take part in any of those, ask yourself what you want out of your college experience.
Joining a club is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, learn more about yourself and express your ideas.
So I urge you, with a brand new semester ahead, to reinvent yourself. Get out of your room, put the can of beer down and join an organization whose interests and goals are the same as yours.
By becoming a member of a club you play an active role in your college experience, and you can be a part of what happens in Quinnipiac’s community.
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