Some drivers are dumb

Lindsay Roberts

After driving back and forth for the holiday, anyone could become a little susceptible to road rage. Here are some of the drivers you love to hate while driving.

The non-blinker– This is one of my greatest driving pet peeves of all time. Even when I see it coming and know I am about to be cut off in my lane, I cannot help but think if they are going to be rude and make me slam on my brakes, they might as well flash it in my face with their blinker. Another favorite is when the vehicle in front of me decides to make a surprise turn. If only the driver could hear me question his or her intentions as they slow down, and then my outburst when I realize they have decided to turn without letting me know.

The sleeping driver- I have seen this a few times in my life, and to be able to say that is pretty scary. I notice these drivers when I am in the passenger seat, which makes me wonder if I have missed a few while I was the one focusing on the road. I like to tell myself when I see someone with their eyes closed and their hands on the steering wheel that they were just indulging in a really long blink. However, I have found it harder to convince myself of this when the persons’ head is leaning back and their mouth is open.

Multitasking to the extreme- Texting with the phone in front of their face, fiddling with the radio stations or an iPod, applying enough eye makeup for a prom, eating with a fork, turning around to yell at children in the backseat. The list of what has been done while driving could go on and on. My favorite observation, although she was actually a passenger, was a woman on the back of a motorcycle reading a romance novel.

The minivan in the fast lane- OK, so it doesn’t have to be a minivan, but you can’t tell me you didn’t just get the perfect visual of a time in your life when you were stuck behind one.  Whatever vehicle and whoever decided to take a Sunday drive on the highway in it, the dynamic duo have the unrestrained desire to piss off everyone on the road. The epidemic has become so serious that now it seems the slow lane is for those who have lost patience with the slow drivers in the middle and fast lanes.

The motorcyclist who thinks he’s cool- It doesn’t have to be someone on a motorcycle, because I have seen plenty of small sports cars weaving in and out of traffic. But what I think irks me is something about these Harley Heads that they think the cars behind them look at them with envy as they sneak through small passageways. Sure when I am stuck in traffic I might feel a twinge of jealously, but more than that I just feel sorry that they look so stupid while they think they look so cool.