Letter to the Editor: I have ‘lost faith’ due to SGA elections

The QU Chronicle

Being a member of the Student Programming Board (SPB) has given me a purpose at Quinnipiac University outside of my academics. Unfortunately, I have lost some faith in this community due to the recent results from the SGA election. SPB is unable to directly elect the president of our organization because we are a standing committee of SGA. The relationship between SPB and SGA is not the concern right now; the concern is why the members of SPB cannot have their voices heard in the election of their very own president! It has been brought to my attention that in the past five years, SPB has not had the person that the majority of the members wanted for a president. It seems unfair that the election of our president is placed into the hands of the student body when the students who are part of SPB and know the members best have such a small influence over the outcome. It appears as if the election has become more of a popularity contest rather than choosing the best candidate to run our organization. And who would know that better than us, the members of SPB?  QU community what do we need to do?

John Doe