Election Preview: Breaking down the contested executive races

Staff Reports

Vice President of Programming Race

Media Credit: Andrew Vazzano

Vice President of Programming candidates Vincent Bond and Allison Skidmore both identified problems with the current relationship between the Student Government and the Student Programming Board (SPB).

Currently, the VP of Programming automatically becomes the president of SPB.


“I don’t know if splitting the organizations is the answer,” Skidmore said. “I don’t know if keeping them together is the answer. The only thing that I can see is that the answer is continuing to have discussions with administration.”

Skidmore, currently a junior class representative for SGA, said that the VP of Programming has “a lot to oversee.”

“Change needs to happen between these two organizations,” Bond said during the debates.

Bond, a sophomore class representative for SGA, believed in bridging the gap between SGA finances and SPB programming, and continuing to have the student body elect SPB’s president.


“The students should have a say in who is leading the group to make these major (programming) decisions,” he said.

Bond’s platform included the creation of an athletics chair, to increase programming events with a sports focus. He also plans to create a “resource fair” to inform student organizations of programming resources on campus.

Skidmore called for the use of focus groups to better identify what sort of programming students want, and more available suggestion opportunities for the students.

Vice President of Student Concerns

Media Credit: Andrew Vazzano

Juniors Derek Stanley and Nicholas Rossetti, candidates for the Vice President of Student Concerns position, had gravely different views on administrative relationships.

Stanley, currently the Class of 2011 vice president, said during the debates that he was very comfortable with President John Lahey and Mark Thompson, senior vice president for academic and student affairs.

“Whether we like it or not, if you know the administration or faculty, they’ll help you out a little more,” Stanley said.”

“Whether we like it or not, if you know the administration or faculty, they’ll help you out a little more,” he said.

Rossetti disagreed.

“I don’t think that taking a class with President Lahey qualifies you for this position any more than anyone who hasn’t,” Rossetti said.

“I don’t think that taking a class with President Lahey qualifies you for this position any more that anyone who hasn’t,” Rossetti said.”

Rossetti’s platform called for student representation in Board of Trustees meetings, and a historical database of SGA activity.

“EVERY YEAR THIS ORGANIZATION CHASES ITS OWN TAIL, we have no idea what anyone before us has done, and how we can use this knowledge to plan a more effective strategy for future initiatives without repeating past mistakes ad-infinitum,” reads his Facebook Event, “NICK ROSSETTI FOR VP OF STUDENT CONCERNS!”

Stanley emphasized “putting a face to the name of SGA” through more open forums and direct contact with professors.

Vice President of Public Relations

Media Credit: Andrew Vazzano

Matthew Hudak, currently the Class of 2011 president, called for initiating a service requirement for Quinnipiac’s curriculum at Sunday’s SGA Executive Board debates.

“It’s not easy, but it’s possible,” Hudak said.

Kaite Lovett, his opponent, is a sophomore representative of SGA. She planned to increase funding and support for The Big Event, a community service project taking place for the first time at Quinnipiac this year.

She told The Chronicle she wants The Big Event to be “crazy-huge” in the future.

Hudak and Lovett had similar feelings on student awareness of SGA activities. Hudak called for better utilizing Facebook and Twitter accounts, while Lovett called for the same sort of effort put into election campaigns.

“When it comes to elections, people are so crazy this week,” she said. “If we bring that same ambition to promoting yourself to promoting the entire. student government. That’s something we definitely need to do.”

Venturelli, Clark run unopposed

Incumbent President Louis Venturelli is running unopposed for his position this year, as is Elizabeth “Betsy” Clark, current vice president of finance.


During Sunday’s Executive Board debates, Venturelli said he could have done a better job managing the organization.

“I’d like to step back and empower the reps more than I did this year,” Venturelli said. “I want to push them forward.”

Venturelli noted the expansion of the university as one of the biggest challenges facing SGA.

“Students at North Haven might feel disconnected,” he said. “We need to help out connecting North Haven, Mount Carmel and York Hill.”


Clark brought a fun, lighthearted feel to her opening and closing statements.

“It’s really hard to believe a year ago I was throwing up over by the mailboxes before this last year,” she said. “So I guess I survived my last year in office.”

Clark was hopeful of an increased budget for next year, something she had previously discussed with Vice President and Dean of Students Manny Carreiro.

“This year, I saw firsthand how much more money we really need,” Clark said.