Letter to the Editor: New housing plan is ridiculous

The QU Chronicle

I think making the Mount Carmel Campus exclusively for freshman and sophomore housing is absolutely ridiculous. I am now a senior, but I remember my freshman year and looking at all the juniors that lived on campus, I could not wait to be like them and live in the same residence halls they did – Hill in particular. To me, living in Hill is a privilege that juniors have earned.

They are now old enough to live in apartment-style housing, but still have the convenience of living on campus. I do not feel like sophomores are old enough nor have gained the responsibility to live there.

Simply put, I don’t think they fully understand how much of a privilege it is and will take it for granted. They have been in college for one year and are now being handed a living situation that emulates the real world. I do not believe they have earned that honor.

I also do not think moving all of the upperclassmen off the main campus is the best idea. Freshmen and sophomores need people to look up to and to learn from.

I remember my freshman and sophomore years and thinking how cool the juniors were. I saw how they acted and tried to be like them. With all the juniors either living off campus or up at York Hill, who are these students going to look up to?

As it is now, there are only a few juniors living on campus and the ramifications of this can already be seen with this year’s sophomore class. They do not hold the same respect for upperclassmen as years past, and some of them still act like they are freshmen.

One can only assume with absolutely no juniors on campus next year, things will only get worse.  I cannot speak for everyone in my class, but I have talked to a few others about this and we all agree that this move is a detriment to our campus and student body.

Senior Student