Letter to the Editor

Zack Rosen

My name is Zack Rosen, and I am the Assistant Editor for the University of New Haven’s growing newspaper, The Charger Bulletin. While we print weekly, we also have an online version at www.ChargerBulletin.com

I just wanted to express my personal anger about the recent situations that I have been hearing about on your campus regarding The Chronicle and the Quinnipiac administration.

The First Amendment clearly does not cover all that students usually assume it covers. If you threaten somebody or take away another person’s freedoms, then the First Amendment does not come into effect. However, for peaceful protest and opinions to be shared, as is the case in your situation, it sincerely bothers me that Quinnipiac University is essentially censoring your staff and students from writing their opinions.

As a student myself, it bothers me that the administration isn’t proud of a vocal student body. Especially in a day where so many of our generation are assumed to have no opinion, Quinnipiac should be urging you to vocalize your thoughts.

I want to express my deep frustration with these incidents, and let you know that I am personally on your side.