Press Release: SGA annouces executive board

Victoria Simpri

The Quinnipiac University Student Government Association is excited to announce the election certification of the three remaining Executive Board positions: President, Vice President, and Vice President for Finance.

The 2018-19 Student Government Association President Elect is Ryan Hicks, Vice President Elect is Luke Ahearn, and Vice President for Finance Elect is John Khillah.

The official results of these three elections were temporarily held under review in order to allow the SGA Elections Committee to complete its Grievance and Appeal Processes as outlined in the bylaws.

It is important that, in the spirit of transparency, SGA is open about what took place this past week; grievances were filed on the day of the election which prompted a thorough investigation into potential voter influence which was not in line with SGA policy. The combination of the grievance process, appeal proceedings, and an in-depth investigation of actual votes cast has now allowed the Election Committee to verify mathematically, without question, that the outcome of each position under review could not have been impacted by any potential influence. In addition, although there was a potential for influence which may not have been in line with SGA policy, information currently available has not shown conclusive evidence that this played a significant part in the election results.

SGA is committed to serving Quinnipiac students and will continue striving to improve the constitution and bylaws to best represent the needs of our community and best practices to ensure elections are fair, open, and accurate. Thank you again for voting. To stay updated on SGA initiatives and events, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @qusga. Please see below for the rest of the election results.

Executive Board

President: Ryan Hicks

Vice President: Luke Ahearn

Vice President for Finance: John Khillah

Vice President for Student Experience: Austin Calvo

Vice President for Public Relations: Victoria Johnson


Class of 2019

Class President: Matt Corso Class

Vice President: Allison Kuhn


Joe Iasso

Finn Barcheski

Baily Hersh

Luke Lograno

Rebecca Hassel


Class of 2020

Class President: Anna Nardelli

Class Vice President: Andy Stafa


Chidi Nwuneli

Hope Estrella

Brooke Reilly

Julia Schade

Helen Dong


Class of 2021

Class President: Sophia Marshall

Class Vice President: Olamide Gbotosho


Glenn Adams

Jamien Jean-Baptiste

Max Mallinen

Megan Lane

Meghan McNulty

Kaye Paddyfote

Lille Gaeta

Esau A. Greene Jr.