A message from SGA President Sean Geary

Sean Geary

Quinnipiac University, I know that we are not intolerant. We are not ignorant; we are accepting. We, as students, however, have done a great deal to disprove this. Enough is enough. This past week, the actions of vandalism in the Commons Residence Hall, along with the actions earlier this year in the Ledges Residence Hall and the same despicable incidence last year, are enough. This student body will not stand for intolerance; we will not allow for ignorance, and we, as an entire student body, must be accepting of all people.
Students are the heart of this university. Let our individual actions allow everyone to be proud to be a member of the Quinnipiac community. Be proud to be a Bobcat. As Students, we have an obligation to make this University a tolerant, educated, and accepting community. Each of us has the obligation to make Quinnipiac the best it can be, and to never be satisfied with anything less.
Let us, as Students, ensure that.

-Sean Geary