Fall concert lacks Jack

Ryan Nicholsen

Students have expressed dismay after finding out the scheduled fall concert headliner Jack’s Mannequin canceled their Oct. 21 appearance at Quinnipiac.

The band’s management reported on their Web site that lead singer Andrew McMahon is “suffering from significant mental exhaustion and physical fatigue.”

The excitement for the band could be seen and heard throughout the campus the past few weeks. Students were constantly talking about how eager they were to see Jack’s Mannequin.

“I was extremely excited when I found out Jack’s was coming to play at our school,” junior Jessie Link said. “I have been a fan of Andrew McMahon for a while and had only seen him perform in Something Corporate (McMahon’s former band). I was really looking forward to seeing him with Jack’s Mannequin especially after what he’s been through.”

On May 26, 2005, McMahon was diagnosed with leukemia. He received a stem cell transplant from his sister, and went on to After he was released from the hospital, the band went on tour for 14 straight months. The short recovery time that McMahon gave himself left him extremely exhausted and in need of time off. According to reports, the illness that is stopping him from playing the fall concert at Quinnipiac, as well as the four other colleges where he was scheduled to play, is in no way cancer related.

Junior physician assistant major Kaitlyn Depathy expressed her concern for McMahon.

“I’m upset the band can’t come, but I just hope Andrew is okay,” Depathy said. “He’s my favorite lead singer and I really respect him for continuing to tour after what he’s gone through.”

Although McMahon will not be bringing his band’s live show to the Quinnipiac campus this fall, the school has worked to find an adquete replacement.

The pop-punk group Cartel will be co-headlining with The Starting Line. With a new album recently released, the band is sure to provide listeners with old and new material.

Even though Jack’s Mannequin can’t make the fall concert, there is still hope. The band has said that they will come back to the school as early as February, if the school will take them.