Intramurals for everyone but me

Sam Friedman

Intramurals are a big part of nearly all colleges and universities, and it’s no different here at Quinnipiac University. Since not everyone can play on a varsity team, there is still the option of playing with friends and other college students on a team. The school offers a wide variety of sports including flag football, soccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee and many more. However, the only way to play these sports is if you can form a team.

I knew that some of the freshmen in my hall had formed a team for soccer, which is one of the sports I wanted to play. However, I decided to register as a free agent, prepared to play on any sports team. As a freshman, I am trying to adjust to the college life, and do not have time to go around trying to find people to form a team. When I asked Michael Medina, intramural director, for a form to sign up, he told me that it was online. Okay, no problem. But then he said that they were really looking for team signups as opposed to free agents or individuals, and that even if I did sign up, I would be waitlisted and there would be no guarantee that I could play. Still, I was willing to try. I received an e-mail about signups for intramurals and followed the link to register as a free agent. But the only link available was for team signups. I scoured the intramurals page looking for something that would allow me to register by myself but found nothing. When I sent an e-mail to Mr. Medina expressing my interest in signing up, he did not return my e-mail.

I can only conclude that Quinnipiac does not run its intramural program effectively. If the school wants to better serve its students, it should create a link for students who want to register as free agents. These students can form their own team and even designate a team captain. It seems to me like the intramurals department is just lazy and wants the students to do their work for them so that all they have to do is make up schedules and assign referees. I understand that it is easier for them to do it this way, but it is not better for the students. For the amount of money we spend on tuition, we should all be able to participate in the activities we want to, including intramural sports.