Album Review: Rachael Sage | “Blistering Sun”

Danielle DiMaggio

Why it rocks: Folk singer Rachael Sage is back with her seventh studio release, “Blistering Sun,” and doesn’t disappoint. Sage’s voice is airy and beautiful. Put that on top of her keen piano playing and her catchy and somewhat humorous lyrics and you have a mixture that you cannot resist. Like on past albums, Sage collaborates with a team of studio musicians, including Julia Kent; Julie Wolf on cello and organ; Todd Sickafoose on bass; alternations of Jack Petruzelli and Ben Butler on guitar; and Russ Johnson on trumpet. Sage’s songs are quirky and smart, and reveal a sexy independent woman who knows what she wants, and her vocals are unlike anything I have heard before. Standout tracks include, “Featherwoman,” a mellow song that brings out Sage’s more passionate side, and the upbeat “Wildflower” features brilliant horn playing on top of Sage’s lovely piano skills that will keep your head bopping and your foot tapping to the beat. Sage puts together a wonderful compilation of tracks, so if you’re into artists such as Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan then definitely pick up this CD – you won’t be disappointed.

Song worth downloading: “Wildflower”

Our rating (out of 5): * * * *