Chronicle Review: Sequel to ‘Something Borrowed’ follows journey of young woman finding herself

Melissa Moller

If you enjoyed Emily Giffin’s first novel, “Something Borrowed,” reviewed in the March 7 issue of “The Chronicle,” her sequel “Something Blue” is a must-read.

While “Something Borrowed” was a novel about betrayal, friendship, love, sex and romance, “Something Blue” takes all of those aspects and highlights the journey of one young woman trying to find herself.

“Something Blue” picks up right where the first novel left off, but this time from the point of view of Darcy, the betrayed, and pregnant, best friend.

Readers may find themselves wondering how they can empathize with Darcy after rooting for her goodie-two-shoes best friend all along. However, Giffin presents a remarkable story that will leave you feeling guilty for ever, undermining the value of Darcy’s feelings.

When the novel begins, Darcy has to start from scratch to rebuild her life. She has a lot to deal with. Her fianc