Chronicle Review: Ferrell and Heder make a perfect pair in ‘Blades of Glory’

Erica DaSilva

When you think of professional ice skating, you may think of crazy, overly beaded outfits with a mix of annoying music and routines full of turns and triple axles. But “Blades of Glory” brings that to a whole new level. Frank the Tank and Napolean Dynamite don’t make such a great pair. But put Will Ferrell and Jon Heder together as Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy and they make for an unstoppable comedic team.

Both characters are complete opposites. Chazz (Will Ferrell) is a long, greasy haired “bad boy” sex addict of the Olympic ice-skating world. Jimmy (Jon Heder) is an adopted orphan who grew up with a genuine love for skating. He also takes pride in his whispy, feathered hair and at times seems to be wearing lip gloss along with his feminine outfits of spandex and furry hoodies. Both opponents are longtime rivals and share dialogue that’s laugh-out-loud funny. Ferrell busts out with lines that are so quick and subtle, you may choke on your popcorn.

Both skaters end up getting stripped of their gold medals (they tied) after a fight breaks out between the two while receiving their medals on the podiums. They both are scolded and banned from ever competing in the men’s single competition ever again.

Throughout the next few years, both guys are making ends meet at jobs they are both miserable at while missing their golden years. Chazz is working at a kiddy ice-skating show, while Jimmy is working at a retail job. Things seem to look up when a loophole is found by Jimmy’s overly obsessed fan who breaks his restraining order to tell him the news. He may be banned from men’s singles, but not from skating with pairs. The only way to get back into the skating world is for the unlikely Chazz and Jimmy to put their hatred aside and deal with one another by competing as a pair to get the gold. The chemistry and comedic timing between the two are undeniable.

Jimmy and Chazz seem to be getting a hold of a good routine with the help of Jimmy’s ex-coach (Craig T. Nelson) but are finding bumps along the way as another pair of skaters are plotting to have the two fail. Brother and sister team Stranz (Will Arnett) and Fairchild Van Waldenberg (Amy Poehler of “Saturday Night Live”) try to get their sister Katie (Jenna Fischer of “The Office”) to help in their scheme.

There are special guest appearances from tons of real-life skaters as well, including Brian Boitano and Nancy Kerrigan. One special guest who pops up in a memorable scene is fellow frat-pack buddy Luke Wilson.
This movie may be a bit cheesy and over the top, but the cheesiness is what makes it so funny. Ferrell is at his comedic best and Heder feeds off Ferrell extremely well, which makes each scene work, not to mention hilarious.