New majority, same results?

Alysis Richardson

I sit on the uncomfortable brown Salvation Army couch in my off-campus living room, eyes glued to the TV. With a skyrocketed electric bill, our heat will not go on until December and I get my first taste of winter tonight in our cold, unfriendly abode. Five girls live in this split-level house once occupied by a lonely old cat-woman, but tonight only one watches the midterm rat-race for House and Senate majority. After hours of Wolf Blitzer’s “projections” on CNN, I lay my burning eyes to rest with the promising news of the Democrats’ victory loosening the tight, 12-year Republican grip on the House of Representatives.

The race for the Senate could take days or weeks, I think to myself. Better get some shut eye so I can make it to class on time tomorrow. Sure enough, I awoke with a sense of d