Tator Hall to stay open later during trial period

Lisa Odierno

After much complaining, students finally have another place besides the library to study and snack late at night.

Nineteen classrooms throughout Tator Hall will be open to students until midnight Sunday through Thursday. The university’s programs committee, made up of faculty leaders and student government members, developed the idea after a recommendation from QU Concerns.

The new places to study will consist of small and large classrooms, some with computers. This will supplement the overflow from the library and loss of many study lounges in the dorms.

The late hours, however, are currently just a trial period.

“This is something we are experimenting with to see student demand,” said William Clyde, associate vice president for academic affairs. “If we see a lot of demand, we are open to increasing the program.”

Whether this will continue into the spring semester will be determined in January.

“If it is valuable to students, we want it open to them,” Clyde said. “I’m excited because from an academic side it gives students more space to study. Nineteen new areas is a lot. It opens up the campus for more collaboration and interaction later in the night.”

The committee also worked with Chartwell’s Dining Service to extend Starbucks’ hours. Starbucks will be open on Sundays from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. and will remain open until midnight Monday through Thursday. It will be complete with an Entenmann’s cart, soda and chips, depending on student demand.

However, according to Leann Spaulding, assistant manager of Chartwell’s, Starbucks has not had many customers so far.

The following Tator Hall classrooms will be open to students until midnight Sunday through Thursday:

112 217 315
113 218 317
114 232 318
116 303 326
117 304 327
120 305 328